Hydraulic Submersible Slurry Pumps

Pump Performance

Goodwin SlurryChamp submersible pumps are heavy duty machines for demanding applications. 

The SlurryChamp hydraulic motors are easily connected to any hydraulic power supply, and the pumps are happy to run from 1200rpm to 1800rpm, giving variable head and flow to suit the application.

SlurryChamp pumps can be suspended from a hoist or alternatively mounted on an excavator arm.

Engineering Features:

  • Single piece cast iron body to enhance rigidity and reduce wear
  • Optional wet-end materials depending on the severity of the application
  • Bearings run in oil bath for lubrication and cooling
  • Twin volute casing design to reduce rotational imbalance and increase lifetime of bearings and seals
  • Rotating inducer creates hydrodynamic shock waves to re-suspend settled particles beneath the pump inlet
  • Carefully chosen wear resistant materials to maximise service lifetime
  • Single stage, open vane impeller
  • Precision bearings
  • Non pressurised mechanical seal