Dirty Water High Head Pumps

The Goodwin DWHH submersible pump follows the same design principles that make the Goodwin submersible slurry pump so strong and durable.

The DWHH pump is designed for lightweight slurry or dirty water (up to 10% solids content). The DWHH pump uses multiple stage closed vane impellers to create a high pumping pressure, resulting in an ability to pump to a high elevation or over a long distance.

Unlike low cost alternatives, the Goodwin DWHH is designed to work with large diameter impellers rotating at a slower speed. This exponentially reduces wear of the wet end parts, giving users dependable reliability in process applications.

Featuring two sizes of motor (90kW and 150kW) and two outlet sizes (100mm and 150mm), the DWHH pumps are ideal for:

  • High wall pumping (open pit) applications
  • Construction of buildings, dams & harbour walls
  • Long distance pumping applications (up to 4 km)
  • Agriculture – irrigation water
  • Mine dewatering
  • Flood level control – industrial, municipal, mining & marine
  • Emergency and environmental control

Pump Overview Video

DWHH  100mm 150mm
Max Solid Content 10% 10%
Max Specific Gravity Kg/L 1.1 1.1
Max Particle Size 10mm 10mm
Max Slurry Temperature  90°C  90°C
Max Flow m³/hr (Ltrs/Sec) 195 (54) 195 (54)
Max Head (Pressure Bar)  130m (12.8)  190m (18.6)
Max Submergence Depth  28m  28m


Brochures and Technical Data Sheets for this product range can be found on our ‘Technical’ page.

50Hz DWHH Submersible Pump

60Hz DWHH Submersible Pump

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