Remote Control Dredging Pontoon

Goodwin Remote Control Dredging Pontoon

Designed for mine tailings dam reprocessing or remediation, the Goodwin fully automatic remote control pontoon can operate in any large scale slurry dredging application.

Capable of operating without personnel on board, the pontoon is particularly suited to dangerous, unstable environments and removes workers from unsafe environments.

The pontoon works with Goodwin 200mm pumps and can extract slurry at density over 1.4kg/l, saving large amounts of energy compared to conventional dredging.

Capable of dredging 6,000 tonnes of solids per day, the pontoon features:

  • Remote operation from shore removing the necessity for personnel to work in unsafe environments
  • Propulsion systems
  • On-board booster pumps
  • Umbilical or on-board electrical power supply
  • Fully automatic slurry volume/mass control